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<3 Sun

A wasp woke me up this morning, buzzing on the wrong side of my window. Many hours later, had the courage to open the window and letting it out. Spiders don´t frighten me (ours are harmless), wasps on the other hand do.

All the recent Coachella talk has made me festival hungry. Especially now with the pre-summer feel. Do you like festivals?

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300: Rise of an Empire

Mom and I went to the movie theatre last evening, “300: Rise of an Empire” my choice. She took notice of the large male attendance. Chose the movie because I remembering loving “300,” in particular a handsome Gerard Butler.

“300: Rise of an Empire” focuses on the battle of Salamis, although I would suggest that the movie has historical flaws. The battle of Salamis took place in September 480 BC, a naval battle fought between an alliance of Greek city-states and the Achaemenid Empire of Persia. (1)  On paper the Persian fleet outnumbered the Greek, bounded for victory. Nevertheless, the Athenian general Themistocles persuaded the Greek Allies to meet the Persian fleet again (Read more about The Battle of Thermopylae & Battle of Artemisium). Xerxes, the Persian king was eager for a decisive battle. An eagerness that resulted in the Persian navy sailing into the Straits of Salamis in an attempt to block both entrances. The conditions and the large number of ships made it difficult to maneuver, the Greek fleet saw a window sinking and capturing at least 300 Persian ships.

We watched the movie in 3D, would not lie that I mostly remember a lot of blood and battles. Deep issues surfaced too of slavery and rape. To say I enjoyed the movie would be wrong, since it was dark. However, it made me wanna read the history again. I hope you are having a great Easter, I am going to hunt for my Easter egg tonight. Out in the gardenCookiesprinceton.edu

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Sex and the City Meets True Detective

Thank you readers for the entertainment the past few days, suggesting “Sex and the City” and “True Detective” fabulous. Two episodes left of the latter to unfold the murder mystery. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are a great team, in a series containing crime, biker fashion, prisons and religious connotations. “True Detective” is dark and dirty. True Detective

Quite the opposite in compared to the light and carefree “Sex and the City” universe. Where four New Yorkers exchange a common interest for men and fashion. The show is a late 90s/early new millennium fashion capsule, that must have had an impact. “Sex and the City” is perfect for any who takes an interest in clothes and expensive footwear. My style is perhaps not as flamboyant as Carrie Bradshaw´s. Normally I opt for a plain tee and a statement necklace. Adventurous on rare occasions. Have you seen any of these? carrie-sex-and-the-city-memorable-look-mink-coat-w724Images via: theguardian.comglamour.com

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